Roy Kim (로이김)


Roy Kim was in the SoundK studio for You Who Came From The Stars with DJ Leah. Roy Kim (로이김) debuted in 2013 under MMO Entertainment (MMO엔터테인먼트).

Tidbits ::
– Roy had recently graduated from high school when he was participated in Super Star K season 4.
– He grew up in Korea but lived in the states doing high school, and college.
– He feels like this one was harder because he wanted to do something that different from his usual style.
– To relieve stress he goes to the sauna a few times a week.
– He is considered an old soul.
– Roy says that since middle school he was always considered older than he actually was.
– Roy feels bad if he doesn’t get an A in school classes. This past winter semester he got ‘A’s and 1 B+. He blames his parent for raising win the typical Asian mindset that you have to have the best scores in everything.
– There was a rumor going around that he likes to go on drives, but He doesn’t own a car.
– He purposely looks for comments about himself to see what people saying good or bad.
– He prefers to hear comments about his looks, than his music.
– He has been a radio DJ before, and he was considered a child comedian.
– He can speak in Chinese but doesn’t understand Chinese when he listens to it.


Q & A ::
Q: How did the 문득 (Suddenly) video come about?
A: He asked several girls what they wanted to see from a guy. One girl said the ankle line, another mentioned the line down the center of the back. He then put those visual fetishes into his video with a shower scene showing those parts of the body. The video was filmed in Sapora, Japan.

Q: What is the 문득 (Suddenly) about?
A: The song is about an individual and wishes the best for an ex and leaves an open ending saying about when we meet again in the future we’ll think about it being together again.

Q: What was the hardest song on the album for you?
A: Roy considers Egoist the hardest song on the album to put together. Egoist was original in English and rewriting it in Korean so the meaning of the song translated over was difficult.

Q: If you could be someone else for a day who would you be? Why?
A: He would be Justin Bieber. He would use his jet, and go to Hawaii with three models. Then they would drink the night away.

Live Performance ::
문득 (Suddenly)

Interview Footage ::

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