A.C.E (에이스)


A.C.E was in the Kpoppin’ studio for Be My Super Rookie with DJ Isak. A.C.E (에이스) is a boy band that debuted in 2017 under Stayge (스테이지).

Jun (준) – Leader, Vocalist
Donghun (동훈) – Vocalist
Wow (와우) – Rapper, Vocalist
Jason (제이슨) – Rapper, Vocalist
Chan (찬) – Maknae, Vocalist


– They’ve been doing a lot of busking, and covers.
– The MV director praised them for not making mistakes during the filming of the Cactus MV.
– Donghun is the oldest member, and tends to be the rock for the group.
– According to the members Wow is the most adventurous amongst them.
– They would like to be on infinite challenge.
– According to Jason changes the most when he wears makeup. Without it he look young and innocent, but with the smoky eye makeup he looks charismatic and a bit scary. Jason agreed.
– Wow thinks he looks the best in the short pants concept because he has a lot of thigh muscles.
– Donghun and Jun were voted mostly to become models in the future.
– According to the members Wow is the most interested in girl groups and their dances.
– They can’t believe their officially part of the music scene, so, they’re living everyday like a dream.


Q & A::
Q: What does A.C.E stand for?
A: Adventure Calling Emotion

Q: How did you meet each other?
A: Donghun, Wow, Jun were in the label together as trainees. Jason and Chan were a part of JYPE for a while. Jason and Chan saw videos of Donghun, Wow, and Jun singing (curtesy of their vocal coach), and really wanted to be apart of their group. So, they started contacting each other.

Q: Jun – As the leader, have you had a hard time?
A: Jun doesn’t feel he has had any hardships as the leader. The members listen to him and look up to him. The only thing that slightly worries him is that they are only five members, and have to work harder to fill the stage with their charisma compared to other groups.

Live Performance::
선인장 (Cactus)

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