Suran (수란)


Suran was in the SoundK studio for You Who Came from the Stars with DJ Leah. Suran (수란) is a solo singer that originally debuted in 2014 as a member of duo group Lodia under Million Market (밀리언마켓).

– She went on cross country trip, and had a lot of fun.
– She scheduled a free show to showcase her album, but it rained very hard that day. She became emotional, because lots of people actually showed up although it was raining.
– Suran stays up all night and goes sleeps in morning when she has a day off.
– When she does collaborations its all music talk, such as “let’s do this with the track.”
– “오늘 취하면 (If I get drunk today)”is about calling your ex when you get drunk.
– Suran wants to be married by age 40, and freeze her pyshical appearance so she can always look the way she does now.


Q & A::
Q: The album cover is so pretty. Why did you chose a swan or the cover?
A: It’s not a swan, but a duck. She chose a duck for the album cover, because when you see a duck on water they look so peaceful but under water they are paddling hard to stay above water.

Q: Why is the name of the song 1+1=0?
A: 일 means 1, but it also means work. Work plus work equals zero (영). The song is about being free, not thinking to much, and just living life. (A/N: In America this would be the same as saying “all work and no play.”)

Live Performance::
1+1=0 (feat. DEAN)

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