Joo (주)


Joo was in the Kpoppin studio for Be My Super Star with DJ Isak. Joo (주) debuted in 2008 and is currently under Ollim Entertainment (울림엔터테인먼트).

– Her real name is 정민주 (Jung Minjoo).
– She doesn’t post on SNS frequently.
– Her ideal type is someone who is similar to herself, who is older than her with a good sense of humor.
– One of her hobbies is exercising, and doing things such as bowling.
– Joo likes to go to musicals, plays, and concerts.
– One of the things that she notices about a person first comes from conversation. The more they talk about their life, the more their charm comes out.
– “어느 늦음 아침 (late in the morning)” is a soft ballad produced by 이정운 (Lee Jung Un), the Bassist from Nell.
– Her favorite soundtrack is Ailee’s I’ll go to you like the first snowfall.
– Last year she started seeing adult ache on her face so after freaking out she started going to a skin care doctor.
– She doesn’t have a TV at home, because if she did she’d never leave her house.


Q & A::
Q: Is there a story behind the sudden hair cut?
A: She cut her hair because it was bleach so much in order to get a specific shade of blonde for her album jacket cover. It cause a lot of damage to hair, so she went to her stylist and had it cut in a Matilda style. She got in trouble with her company because she didn’t have permission to cut her hair.

Q: How do you find the emotion to sing sad ballads?
A: When she was younger, since she had not experienced a breakup, she used to ask people about their break ups so she could feel the proper emotion when singing about breakups. Now she looks at it from different angles such as losing an object she loved a lot, or the loss of a beloved pet.

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