BoK (비오케이)


BoK was in the SuperKpop studio for K-Star and Live with DJ Sam. BoK (비오케이) is a male ballad duo group that debuted in 2016 under Rockin’ Korea (락킨코리아).

Leenu (리누) – Leader, Vocalist
Sean Lee (션리) – Maknae, Vocalist


– They are known as the male Davinchi (a female duo).
– Sean lee has played soccer with DJ Sam previously.
– Leenu doesn’t drink much, but if he does he goes for Soju. Sean like expensive drinks.
– Sean says his English is bad but it’s his english is almost prefect.
– Sometimes Sean is afraid of Leenu’s temper.
– Leenu is better at dancing than Sean, according to Sean.
– Leenu loves to dance, and his favorite style of dance is break-dancing.
– Sean played an doctor a couple years ago, but thinks he did a very bad job, because he was so nervous did didn’t sleep, and everything went down hill from there.
– When making decisions Leenu listens to options, and says the final decision is his because he’s the leader.
– Sean lived in Germany when he was little.
– If Sean had a younger sister, Leenu said dating her would be forbidden. Sean said the same thing for if the situation was reversed.
– According to Sean Leenu is very good at showing cuteness.
– They did a high note battle, Leenu won.


Q & A::
Q: What does BoK mean?
A: The message behind the name is “everything going to Be Okay.” BoK = (B)e (OK)ay

Q: Any concepts you’d like to try?
A: Leenu says Sean is good at Pop R&B style songs, it be nice to try that style for an album.

Q: What do you envy about each other?
A: Leenu – Sean’s vocal tone when he speaks. if Sean was a girl he’d call him before going to bed just to listen to the voice.
Sean Lee – Leenu’s big thighs

Live Performance::
기분좋은 날 (The Day )

바람이 분다 (Breeze)

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