Qim Isle (김아일) & Samuel Seo (서사무엘)


Qim Isle and Samuel Seo were in the Kpoppin studio for Be My Super Star with DJ Isak. Samuel Seo (서사무엘) is a rapper that debuted in 2015 under Kraft and Jun (크래프트앤준). Qim Isle (김아일) debuted in 2016 and is under the same company as Samuel.


– Qim Isle is going through the process of changing his legal name to be the same as his stage name, and so is Samuel Seo.
– Samuel lived in Canada for a few years, and Qim Isle lived in Vancouver, Canada for 7 or 8 years, and is also from Philadelphia.
– Samuel’s tattoos give him confidence, and feels awful when he has to cover them up. He will soon have another flower covering one of his arms.
– Samuel is a fast songwriter, and it causes pressure for Qim Isle who likes to take his time during the song creation process.
– They meet online a lot and play Overwatch together.
– If Qim Isle was a girl he would date Samuel Seo, and Samuel said the same.


Q & A::
Q: What can we expect from this album?
A: There is a couple lyric less songs that they intentional put on the album, in order to showcase the producers talent, and give them some spotlight.

Q: How did you two meet?
A: Samuel has been a fan of Qim Isle since he was 18, and really wanted his voice on his track so he called him up, and they’ve been working together since then. They were working with each other for 4 years before they met in person.

Q: What kind of track is Mango?
A: It is a easy listening song with a lively summer vibe.

Live Performance::

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