Shannon (샤넌)


Shannon Williams was in the Kpoppin’ studio for Be My Super Star with DJ Isak. Shannon Williams (샤넌) debuted in 2014 under MBK Entertainment (MBK엔터테인먼트).

– She has participated in various TV shows, including Mask King, and Kpop Star.
– She has done musical before.
– Shannon had a great experience on Mask King, because she was able to wear a mask and be judged on her vocals, over her looks.
– Shannon says never again to the cutesy style of songs. She says that she had to force herself to get through the song every time she performed it.
– Shannon considers herself a perfectionist.
– If love BoA and Girls Generation, but if she could collaborate with either one right this moment she would like to collaborate with BoA, because she loves her that much.
– Between JYPE & YG if she had gone to a different company she probably would have picked YG. She loves the type of big extravagant performances that YG artist put on, that are remembered for God only knows how long. In comparison to the type performances that JYPE artist put on.
– She prefers to be a solo artist, because of the lack of stress that comes with maintaining inter group relationships, the responsibility, and the comprising on how they’ll work together.
– She feels she’d be more comfortable having a concert overseas, because she very sarcastic with her humor. That is something that doesn’t translate to Korean very well it can sound rude, and ill-mannered. She feels that with an overseas concert she could really sit down, talk, and joke around with the audience, and they would understand what she’s saying and laugh along.
– She doesn’t know where she would be 3 years from now, but she knows she’ll be doing music until she dies.


Q & A::
Q: What can you tell us about 눈물이 흘러 (Love Don’t Hurt)?
A: It’s a different style then she has done before. It’s a style that she is the most comfortable with. The English version about loving someone, and telling them that love doesn’t have to hurt. The Korean version is saying that she’s hurt enough, and wants to stop this, and love shouldn’t hurt. According to Shannon the meaning behind the Korean version is the exact opposite of the meaning behind the English version.

The English version features Amber Liu. She released the Korean and English version together, because she was curious about how they would be received. The general consensus was that the Korean version sounded more young, and the English version sounded more mature.

Q: Yes or No? I feel that I am older than 25? Why?
A: Yes. She is 20 yrs. old in Korean age (19 internationally), but feels she is mentally, and physically older than 25. Physically, because of all the body pain she has from years of dancing. Mentally, because she believes that at a certain age after puberty your experiences define your maturity, and she has experienced much more than most others her age.

Q: What is your Ideal type?
A: She says she doesn’t have a ‘type’. However, she wants someone who is understanding about her being a perfectionist, and someone who is willing to talk about their emotions and how they feel in the moment when problems occur. She would prefer someone older than her, because she need someone with the same maturity level. If the person is not friendly, or outgoing it’s an immediate turnoff for her.

Live Performance::
눈물이 흘러 (Love Don’t Hurt Eng ver.)

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