Marmalade Kitchen (마멀레이드 키친)


Marmalade Kitchen was in the SuperKpop studio for Kpop Rising with DJ Sam. Marmalade Kitchen (마멀레이드 키친) is a co-ed indie duo group that debuted in 2012 and is currently under Zeom Entertainment (제오엠 엔터테인먼트).

Lyni Daddy (리니대디) – Pianist, Song Writer
Dolly (달리) – Vocalist
Jean Pierre – Session Guitarist


– They’ve haven’t really had any fights yet, but they’ve also only been together as a unit since October 2016.
– Lyni favorite jam is strawberry jam, and Dolly’s favorite jam is a peach-like jam.
– Dolly is the type of girl to say what she wants to say, in other words if she is feeling a certain emotion she will say so, and tell Lyni why she is feeling that way.
– Dolly like to eat bread and has a bit of a western style taste in food, and Lyni likes stew ( similar to the insides of animal made into stew).
– John Pierre eats the most, but he has lost 13 kilo from dieting so he could join Dolly on stage and give her support.
– Dolly got her start in music at music school, singing in karaoke rooms and sometimes getting 100%, she was part of her high school band, and it went from there.
– Lyni got his start in music his mother kind of forced him to learn a bit of piano, he played the piano in church and also learned to play drums. Lyni’s mother was very supportive of him wanting a career in music, but instead of playing drums he went into writing music. That was rather difficult, until he saw someone making music using a computer.
– Dolly’s vocal coach is another artist under their label, and he invited her to audition for Marmalade Kitchen, once Lyni Daddy heard her voice, he said she had to be in the group with him and wanted to sign the contract right away.


Q & A::
Q: Where does the name Marmalade Kitchen come from?
A: It’s a reflection of collaboration between music and food. They want to share tasty music like warm sweet jam.

Q: Please tell us a bit about 토닥토닥 (Patting)?
A: For the past few years South Korea has been going through some struggles, and they wanted to do a song that was kind of uplifting for the nation. It was written and produced between the two of them. It is also the first song they’ve written together.

Q: What are the pros and cons of being a co-ed group?
A: One of the pros is that Dolly can bring the female perspective to their music, and Lyni can bring the male perspective, so that their music and attempt to appeal to both side of the spectrum. One con is that when they go on trips they have to have separate rooms, thus spending more money. If they were two girls, or two guys they could share a room and save money.

Live Performance::
토닥토닥 (Patting) & 몰래보기 (A Furtive Glance)

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