Pentagon (펜타곤)


Pentagon was in the SoundK studio for You Who Came from the Stars with DJ Leah. Pentagon (펜타곤) is a boy band that released their first mini album in Oct. 2015, but didn’t debut until Oct. 2016 under Cube Entetainment (큐브엔터테인먼트).

Hui (후이) – Leader, Vocalist
Jinho (진호) – Volcaist
Yenan (옌안) – Vocalist
Yeo One (여원) – Vocalist
Shinwon (신원) – Vocalist
Hongsuk (홍석) – Vocalist
E’Dawn (이던) – Rapper
Yuto (유토) – Rapper
Kino (키노) – Vocalist
Wooseok (우석) – Maknae, Rapper


– They had an amazing time in the Philippines even though it was very hot.
– Two of the members (Hui & E’Dawn) were part of project group Triple H with Hyuna.
– Hui’s mom is an English teacher, and he made an attempt to be the groups English translator.
– One of the members watched a video of a dolphin teaching a girl how to swim. Since he doesn’t know how to swim he would like to have a pet dolphin to teach him to swim. (A/N: I didn’t catch his name.)
– E’Dawn has memory issues, and sometimes forget their address, phone number and lyrics.
– There was one time Hui got a 30 for a grade so he changed it 80, but he got caught.


Q & A::
Q: What were the pros and cons of your most recent promotions?
A: The best part was seeing the fans again. The worst part was that the promotional period was so short.

Q: What is your favorite songs on the album?
A: 소중한 약속 (Precious Promise) & 고마워 (Thank You), because they are to Universe (their fanclub).

Q: What inspired you to write Thank You?
A: The song wasn’t original meant for the third album, he wrote it before. He wanted to write song thing for the fans, and the song just came to him.

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