K.A.R.D (카드)


K.A.R.D was in the SoundK studio for You Who Came from the Stars with DJ Leah. K.A.R.D (카드) is a co-ed project group that debuted in 2017 under DSP Media (DSP 메디아).

BM (Big Matthew) – Leader, Rapper, King
J.seph (재셉) – Rapper, Ace
Somin (소민) – Vocalist, Black Joker
Jiwoo (지우) – Maknae, Vocalist, Color Joker


– BM is fluent in English, and came to South Korea about 5 years ago.
– They released 3 singles before they officially debuted.
– BM loves it when fans say he is sexy on instagram. It gives him a confidence boost.
– Now that they are doing music shows, BM is getting used to the HD cameras.
– KARD are the new Seoul International Ambassadors.
– Jiwoo always wanted to be a singer, she waited until after she passed an audition for being a singer before she told her parents about her dream and the things she did to make it happen.
– BM wanted to be a skateboarder, but stopped when he broke his ankle. He says he was never really good because he was chubby.
– J.seph wanted to be many things including, a soccer player, fireman, and President of South Korea.
– In three words BM says he is “swaggin’ all day”
Somin describes herself as “pretty, cute, smart”
Jiwoo says she is “swaggin’, charming, gorgeous”
J.seph describes himself as “Intelligent, talented, friendly”
– The girls are very shy when it comes to doing aegyo.


Q & A::
Q: What is your favorite choreography so far?
A: Somin – Hola Hola, because it is like the result of all the practice, and now they can show their individual swag.
Jiwoo – Don’t recall, because it was the hardest for her to learn.
BM – Hola Hola, because of the style, and all the point dances from the previous songs are in it.
J.seph – Don’t recall, he really like the like a lion dance.

Q: What can you tell us again Hola Hola?
A: It means hello in Spanish. It is also saying “Hi we’re here we’ve debuted and were going to the top.” It’s about freedom, and having no worries (similar to the feeling BM gets cruising through LA and Las Vegas). They shot the Hola Hola MV while on tour. The point dance is reaching into the grabbing your dream, and bring it down, and holding it close to your heart.

Q: Are they any funny episodes from when BM was first learning Korean?
A: When BM first came to Korea he didn’t know any Korean when he was saying 감사 (thank you) he would be saying 간사 (you sneaky) instead.

Q: Any future plans?
A: They will be participating in Kcon LA. Concert tour in London, Japan, and

Live Performance::
Hola Hola

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