Groovyroom (그루비룸)


Groovyroom was in the Kpoppin’ studio for Be My Super Star with DJ Isak. Groovyroom (그루비룸) is a producer team that debuted in 2015 under H1GHR Music (하이어뮤직).

Hwimin (이휘민) – Producer
Kyujung (박규정) – Maknae, Producer


– Both members are full time producers.
– They put their current EP together in 3 weeks. It has 2 title tracks; ‘Sunday’ & ‘어디쯤에.’
– ‘어디쯤에’ is about how you feel when you think a break up is near.
– When working on ‘Xindoshi’ they started looking at it visual before thinking about the actual song. They really wanted to video to be in face.
– They didn’t want to be in the ‘Sunday’ music video, because its such a sweet MV, but they are sitting with Jay Park during his part.
– They know all of each other little habits.
– When Hwimin shaves if he feels part of his beard is still there he will start picking at the hair to try, and pull them out.
– Kyujung shakes his leg a lot even in his sleep.
– When collaborating they give the other people a decent amount of freedom in terms of lyrics, but with a guidance of a set topic.
– Hwimin has always wanted to rap, but he say he’s not good at it.
– Kyujung has never though about adding his own vocals to their songs.


Q & A::
Q: What was the reason you decided to join H1GHR Music?
A: They really didn’t think about joining a label, because as producers they don’t really need representation. Then they wanted to start focusing on their own EPs. They decided on H1GHR Music because they wanted someone they trusted, and they trust Jay Park.

Q: How do you decide what goes on the EP?
A: It has to go to someone else, before they can focus. This EP is a collection of songs written for other people that didn’t make it on the other people’s albums, so they decided to keep for themselves.

Interview Footage::

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