Choi Jaewoo (최재우) & Ju Wontak (주원탁)


Choi Jaewoo and Ju Wontak were in the SoundK studio for You Who Came from the Stars with DJ Leah. Choi Jaewoo (최재우) isn’t under a company yet. Ju Wontak (주원탁) is under 2able Company.


– They have both participated in the survival show Produce 101 season 2.
– Jaewoo likes playing with cats.
– Wontak likes skating and bowling.
– Jaewoo’s group Monsae did a performance, but it was never aired. He feels that upset him .
– Jaewoo went two weeks with little sleep around the start of the show, and was starting to want to go home. Then they didn’t call his name, and he thought “Oh I’m going home?” Then he was a bit depressed.
– Wontak & Jaewoo get together often because Wontak’s company and Jaewoo’s study room are close together.
– Jaewoo got into piano because he was really into fashion, and like this green piano bag that he saw.
– Wontak’s nicknames are Mirror Prince, & Celebrity. Mirror Prince, because he always stops to look in the mirror whenever he is near one.
– Jaewoo’s nickname is Tigger.
– Wontak is the #parttimeking, because he has had a lot of different part-time jobs.
– Jaewoo has #insomnia, and he frequently goes without sleep.
– Jaewoo has recently gotten into playing a very scary game, and now thinks ghost are on the other side of his door.
– Wontak has trained his metabolism.


Q & A::
Q: What gave you been doing since being on Produce 101 season 2?
A: Ju Wontak – Since the show he has been traveling around Korea and has already had a fan meeting.
Jaewoo – He doesn’t yet have a company. He practices everyday at an academy study room.

Q: Can you tell us about Baby Goodnight?
A: It is a fan song that wrote Wontak the lyrics for.

Live Performance::
Baby Goodnight (Ju Wontak ft. 수연 (SooYeon)of A.De) & 니가 뭔데 (G-Dragon cover)

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