Oriental Showcus (오리엔탈 쇼커스)


Oriental Showcus was in the SuperKpop studio for Kpop Rising with DJ Sam. Oriental Showcus (오리엔탈 쇼커스) is a co-ed band that debuted in 2014 under Ruby Record (루비레코드).

Chulho (장철호) – Bassist
Hyunkyung (김현경) – Trombone, Keyboardist
Youngkwang (한영광) – Saxophonist
Jinsung (조진성) – Guitarist
Kiwon (김기원) – Drummer
Gre (김그레) – Vocalist


– When making music two or three people will write the song and lyrics and bring to the group. Then as a group they have practice sessions where they create demos, and then go from there.
– They would like to do a world tour and finish it in Korea.
– They all met as friends of a friend of a friend. Chulho, Hyunkyung, and Youngkwang were they original members and then Gre, Kiwon, and Jinsung joined later.
– Kiwon is the most sensitive according to the members, but he doesn’t agree.
– Chulho would like to work with a hip-hop artist, specifically BY a rapper from ‘Show Me the Money’.
– Kiwon can almost always be found with coffee in hand. If its a hot day he can’t eat red foods. Plus he has issues with spicy foods.


Q & A::
Q: Please explain you team name, Oriental Showcus?
A: They have an oriental feel with a blend show and circus when they perform.

Q: How was it going from a 7 member group to a 6 member group?
A: They had the think about how to change their sound, now that the member who played the brass instruments is no longer with the group. Since the brass was such a big part of their sound, they had to have a long think about how to adapt their sound to the change.

Q: What are your promotion plans?
A: They have lots of festivals coming up to promote their current album. They are working to release another album next year.

Live Performance::
What Happened? & Swing With Me

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