Glen Check (글렌체크)


Glen Check was in the SuperKpop studio for Kpop Rising with DJ Sam. Glen Check (글렌체크) debuted in 2011, and they are currently under Beast and Natives (비스츠앤네이티브스).

Joonwon (김준원) – Vocalist, Guitarist
Hyukjoon (강혁준) – Bassist, Synthesizer, Electronics


– Joonwon, and Hyukjoon are both fluent in English.
– Joonwon lived in Japan, France, and lived in the USA for a while while growing up.
– Hyukjoon lived in the USA for 6 years in the past.
– In the past they have been known as a Synth-Pop group, but they feel that’s inaccurate because that was based only on their first album.
– ‘Follow the White Rabbit,’ is actually about the beginning of Alice in wonderland when Alice follows the white rabbit. This song is only available on CD and MV. They wanted to something to start an adventure, and this seemed like a nice way to do that.
– Most of their songs are in English because English is the most natural to them when they are writing.
– They get stuck all the time when writing. To get past it they try to fight it out with the music until it comes to them, and sometimes they step away and go out and drink, listen to other DJs play music.
– They are both working on solo albums.


Q & A::
Q: What is the meaning behind glen check?
A: To be honest there is no meaning. They came a cross the word “glen check” in one of Joonwon’s fashion book, which is the name of a type of checkered pattern.

Q: What can you tell us about your new album?
A: The new album’s structure was based on the way George Lucas and other famous writers wrote. It’s a adventure story, with a plot, climax, and ending. They were inspired by tech, modern R&B, and other sounds. They wanted to surprises people with a new sound.

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