Nick & Sammy (닉앤쌔미)


Nick & Sammy were in the Kpoppin studio or Be My Super Rookie with DJ Isak. Nick & Sammy (닉앤쌔미) is a duo group that debuted in 2017 under Kiwi Media Group.

Nick (닉) – Producer, Songwriter, Vocalist
Sammy (쌔미) – Producer, Songwriter, Rapper


– Nick is Austin, Texas, and Sammy is from Australia both are fluent in English.
– They were scouted as trainee three years ago, and that’s why they came to Korea.
– Nick didn’t know any Korean when he came to Korea.
– Sammy’s dad runs an international company of some sort.
– Nick’s dream of music came from his dad, even though his dad disapproved of him going into music as a main career.
– Sammy was in a lot of crew back at home, and he didn’t like how some of the music went so he started changing it. That’s when he started looking at music as a career.
– Nicky’s major in college was Film.
– When picking what songs go on the album they had several listening sessions, and pick the ones they like best.
– Sammy is afraid of bugs. He calls Nick to come kill things if he see a bug.
– Nick is a perfectionist and take several takes before being happy with his recording. Sammy is a go with the flow type of singer.
– They are roommates right now, and Nick is the best at keeping the place clean.
– Sammy is the one front and center when it’s time to go some where or eat.
– If they’d we’re girls they would date each other.
– Nick cleaned Sammy room while at he wasn’t home, and Sammy thought his mom came and left without him knowing.
– Nick likes to clean, and uses it to relieve stress.
– DJ Isak think they are the prefect Bromance couple.
– Nick calls Sammy a low key chef.
– Sammy says if he wasn’t doing music, he would be a chef, and he still wants to open his own restaurant. Nick would probably be doing something in film.


Q & A::
Q: How did you guys start doing music together?
A: As first they didn’t like doing music together. Nick would make a guitar rift, and Sammy would beatbox over it, and it ended up just fitting together naturally. They fill each others voids, what one can’t think of the other will.

Q: What kind of song is ‘Belong to Me?’
A: It’s a Pop, Rock, Synth song, it’s a summery driving song.

Q: What kind of song is ‘Baby You Love Me?’
A: It their first single, and it’s a groovy track that they feel shows their true colors.

Live Performance::
Belong to Me

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