Ants (앤츠)


Ants were in the Kpoppin studio for Be My Super Rookie with DJ Isak. Ants (앤츠) is a co-ed duo group that debuted in 2016 under Mun Hwa In (문화인).

Dojae (도재) – Guitarist, Vocalist
Choi Yoo (최유) – Pianist, Songwriter


– They both went to the same academy and worked at the same cafe.
– Dojae use to go busking in an area frequented by couples.
– Choi Yoo wants to go to the great wall of China and play their songs. Since Dojae doesn’t want to go, she will take a recording of his voice to play.
– They were chosen for the Naver Musicians League album release project.
– Choi Yoo’s hobby is to go to Haeng Boo Sung So (행부성소) to think.
– Their company has its own record shop called Mun Hwa Dong Records (문화동레커드).
– ‘지친 너에게’ is a healing cheer up song. It was written by Choi Yoo during a time when she was unknowingly going through a hard time.
– They say that people do mistake them as a couple, but they are not a couple.
– Dojae ideal type right now is IU.
– Chan Yook was Choi Yoo’s major crush in her high school days.
– Choi Yoo’s writing style is reflected in the Ants music because she writes the songs, but she is influenced a lot by Stevie Wonder.
– Dojae really likes R&B.


Q & A::
Q: Why the name ‘Ants?’
A: Their team name is Ants because ants are busy creatures, and they want to be a busy duo.

Q: Future plans?
A: They are going to have a performance on October 14th.

Live Performance::
지친 너에게 (Cheer Up) & 싸우지 말자 (Don’t Fight)

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