Cho Hyungwoo (조형우)


Cho Hyungwoo was in the Kpoppin’ studio for Be MY Super Star with DJ Isak. Cho Hyungwoo (조형우) debuted in 2013 under Mystic Entertainment / Apop Entertainment (미스틱엔터테인먼트/에이팝엔터테인먼트).

– He has substituted for DJ Sam on SuperKpop for a week in the past. He found it difficult and fun.
– He is trying to get more into acting.
– When writing ones he writes his brainstorming efforts and then puts them in the right order.
– He loves to stay him by himself. He considers it the best part of. His life.
– He thinks he has improved his cooking skills. He used the Internet learn new things.
– He is a dog person.
– He discovered he could sing by going to karaoke with friends.
– He says his best celebrity friend is Park Jaejoong.


Q & A::
Q: What can you tell us about 꿈꾸는 잉여 (Afternoon dream)?
A: This recent single is part of the Mystic Entertainment Listen Project. He wrote it several years ago while participating in a survival audition show. The music video for the song features a cute cat. The song is supposed to give a “today I’m lazy, but tomorrow will shine brighter” type of feeling.

Live Performance::
꿈꾸는 잉여 (Afternoon dream)

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