Ahn Yeeun (안예은)


Ahn Yeeun was in the SuperKpop studio for Music Stage with DJ Sam. Ahn Yeeun (안예은) debuted in 2017 under Panda Whale Company (팬더웨일컴퍼니).

– She participated in survivor audition show Kpop Star season 5.
– 파란 (Blue) was inspired by and written after watching the movie The Merciless.
– The director for (Rebel Who Stole the People) contacted her to participate in the soundtrack, after seeing her on Kpop Star.
– Yeeun’s favorite part of making her album was seeing the things she drew in her head come to life.
– In junior high, she joined the school band playing the keyboard.
– Yeeun gets inspiration from various places.
– It’s important to her that she writes about her own life experiences.
– Her ideal type is someone who is a good person that’s nice with a good sense of humor.
– Recently she has been reading lots of books. Currently, she been reading the book that the movie Suffragette is based on.


Q & A::
Q: What does Kpop Star mean to you?
A: It was a chance to do music again. She started participating in the show after graduating from high school and was worried about her future. She has a clear path into the music industry and was wondering if she should give up on music and do an average part-time job.

Q: What inspired your new album?
A: Some of the songs are inspired by daytime, and some by night time. Daytime and nighttime together make up one day. That is why the album is called 일일 (One day).

Live Performance::
봄손밤꿈 (Spring, Hand, Night, Dream)

파란 (Blue)

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