Junoflo (주노플로)


Junoflo was in the Kpoppin’ studio for Be My Super Star with DJ Isak. Junoflo (주노플로) debuted in under Feel gHood Music (필굿뮤짓).

– He participated in hip-hop survival show Show Me The Money and made it into the Top 20.
– He loves traveling.
– He officially started to write music at the start of college as a hobby about 7 years ago.
– Junoflo was born in LA near K-town, raised in Fullerton, CA and is fluent in English.
– He wouldn’t trust himself as a doctor because he only studied pre-med in college for about 2 years. He didn’t go to med school. He wanted to make that correction that has been incorrectly reported on various sites.
– One of his hobbies is Photography and had a job doing photography for a hip-hop company when he was back in the USA.
– When participating in he chose to go with the Jay Park and Dok2 group because he always sees and works with the Tiger JK team. He wanted to branch out and expand himself.
– He has been stressed with stepping up his Korean language. He says to give him another year to keep learning.
– In junior high, he played ice hockey for his school team.
– He carries a lot of things in his pocket. He says that a lot of hip-hop talk about his they have a lot of money but he doesn’t have to do that, all people have to do is look in his pockets.


Q & A::
Q: How did you meet your current CEO?
A: During the time before signing with Feel gHood Music one of his managers told him about that Tiger JK, Yoon Mirae, and Bizzy wanted to talk to him. He told him that would be arriving in LAX and to go pick him up. That was how he met his current CEO.

Q: What can you tell us about your current album?
A: The title of the track name comes from TV static because when writing the song he was very immersed in various things dealing with TV shows. The song is a bragging song.

Q: What is your ideal type?
A: He says he never thought about the traits of his ideal type. They need to be able to vibe on a mental level. His crazy has to match their crazy. They have to have at the very least similar taste in music. (A/N: He did mention earlier in the interview he prefers the sexy type rather than the girl next door type.)

Live Performance::
Static (던져)

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