Paul Kim (폴김)


Paul Kim was in the SuperKpop studio for Music Stage with DJ Sam. Paul Kim (폴김) debuted in 2014 and he is currently under Neuron Music (뉴런뮤직).

– He participated in TV shows, 유희열의 스케치북 (Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketch Book), and 불후의 명곡 (Immortal Song).
– ‘Stranger’ is a song that Paul feels people need to listen to because it’s about being lonely even though they are surrounded by people.
– One of his favorite places in Los Angeles, California is the beach.
– In college, he studied International Management.
– His favorite instrument is the traditional Korean drum.
– Paul’s favorite international artist is Michael Buble.
– He doesn’t consider his music style to be Indie.


Q & A::
Q: What is the song 길 (The Road) about?
A: The song is about his journey to achieving his dream.

Q: Which girl group would you like to give one of your songs to?
A: He’s not thought about giving his music to anyone.

Q: What are your plans for the foreseeable future?
A: Part 2 of the album is coming out in a few more months. That will be followed by a full album version. In December he will be having a 2-day concert.

Live Performance::
길 (The Road)

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