Ronny Chu (로니추)


Ronny Chu was in the SoundK studio for ywcfts with DJ Leah. Ronny Chu (로니추) debuted in 2015 under DH Play Entertainment (디에이치플레이엔터테인먼트).

– She plays a lot of Banana Pancake, and soundtracks from Harry Potter.
– Ronny is listed as Chinese in the UK health system. The lady registering couldn’t find Korea in their system, so she ended being listed as Chinese.
– Her favorite food is cake (specifically lemon drizzle cake) and pancakes.
– She would like to open a korean vegan restaurant in Liverpool.
– She made french fries (USA)/ chips (UK) at home on the stove.
– Ronny is fluent in English.
– Her role model changes often, because music always surprises her with the way different combinations from the same set of notes.
– She loves Jenny from Blackpink. She thinks she is so pretty.


Q & A::
Q: What is you song ‘Golden River’ about?
A: She wrote it while studying aboard. She wrote to her childhood friends to say “Hi, how are you?” In the song she asks a golden river to care a letter far far away to the people she hadn’t seen in years.

Q: How do you go about the song writing process?
A: She writes songs by herself alone in a room without distraction. She starts with singing the melody but she doesn’t record it. If the next she remembers the melody she’ll continue writing it. If she doesn’t remember it she moves on. She feels that if she can’t remember it then others won’t either.

Q: What is ‘Tell me your name’ about?
A: It was written while thinking about an actor from Kingsman that she thinks is very hot. She was picturing him in a club asking her for her name.

Live Performance::
Golden River & Tell me your name

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