JBJ (제이비제이)


JBJ was in the SuperKpop studio for K-Star & Live with DJ Sam. JBJ (제이비제이) is a boy band that debuted in 2017 under Fave Entertainment.

Taehyun (태현) – Leader, Dancer, Rapper, Vocalist
Kenta (켄타) – Rapper, Dancer
Yongkook (용국) – Vocalist
Hyunbin (현빈) – Rapper
Sangkyoon (상균) – Rapper, Vocalist
Donghan (동한) – Maknae, Dancer, Vocalist


– JBJ stands for Just Be Joyful.
– All the members participated in audition survivor show Produce 101 season 2.
– The members are from different labels, some are members of other groups.
– Kenta is a big fan of TeenTop.
– They recorded the song 5 times in order to get the right balance of sexy and fan appreciation.
– Sangkyoon taught Kenta some Korean bad words. Kenta using them a lot toward Donghan,
– Hyunbin was not in the studio, but members say he is a fast learner.
– Kenta misses authentic Japanese food.
– If Donghan was a power ranger he would be red.
– Yongkook didn’t know what power rangers were when he was asked which one he would be.
– Kenta declared himself the cutie sexy member of the group.
– Donghan wants to share a room with Kenta, but Kenta rejected that idea.


Q & A::
Q: How would you describe the album?
A: Kenta describes the album as dandy sexy. Yongkook said that flower is a key point to the album.

Q: If you weren’t a singer what would you be doing?
A: Donghan would probably be doing something with Korean martial arts.

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