pH-1 was in the Kpoppin’ studio for Be My Super Rookie with DJ Isak. pH-1 (박준원 Park Joonwon) debuted in 2016 under Higher Music Records (하이어뮤직레코즈).

– If he could go back in time he’d like to go back to his early 20s.
– He is fluent in English and is from New York.
– ‘Donut’ was picked for the title album because he felt it was the most relatable to people.
– He would like to collaborate with Big Sean and TyDolla$.
– He likes Red Velvet especially Irene.


Q & A::
Q: What can you tell us about your first EP, ?
A: He wanted to convey two different emotion blessed and lonely. He wanted to use this Ep to tell people who Ph-1 is, not just his musical flavors.

Q: How do you make your music?
A: He doesn’t listen to the demo too much. For him, the picture that the songs put in his head for a first impression is very important. For instance the demo for ‘Cuckoo’ put the sound and image of the korean rice cooker in his head. So, he wrote the song about how he doesn’t know how to use it, because he doesn’t have time to figure it out, because he is always on his grind.

Live Performance::
Game Night

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