NRG (New Radiance Group)


NRG was in the SuperKpop studio for K-Star & Live with DJ Sam. NRG (New Radiance Group) debuted in 1997 and is currently under Music Factory (뮤직팩토리).

Sungjin (성진) – Leader, Vocalist, Rapper
Myunghoon (명훈) – Vocalist, Rapper
Yoomin (유민) – Maknae, Vocalist, Rapper


– It’s been 12 years since their last comeback.
– Some keywords and phrases to describe the new album are disco, party, back to the future, and 21st century.
– They decided to make a comeback because they were hungry for music, and fan’s love.
– They had a concert showcase for their 20th anniversary to fulfill a promise to their fans.
– They like the style of SF9 and all girl groups.
– Yoomin is considered a professional dieter.
– They all learn choreography fast (a couple of days), but getting a feel for the dance and the little details take awhile.
– They all caught colds while visiting a cold location where they saw the first snow of 2017.


Q & A::
Q: What gives you energy on stage, and in live?
A: Food, love of fans, and each other.

Live Performance::
티파니에서 아침을 (Breakfast at Tiffany’s) the remake

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