Musical – Sister Act


Cast members of the musical Sister Act were in the SuperKpop studio for Music Stage with DJ Sam. Sister Act the Broadway Musical will make its Korean debut on November 25, 2017.

Cast Members::
Dene Hill – Deloris Van Cartier
Rebecca Mason-Wygal – Mother Superior
Sophie Kim (Sohyang Kim (김소향)) – Sister Mary Roberts


– Sohyang first Asian to play the part of Sister Mary Roberts. This her first time having a role that’s completely in English.
– They will be in Korea for 9 weeks for their visiting performance.
– Rebecca is from Los Angeles and not familiar with the cold weather that’s in Korea right now.
– They were in Japan before coming to Korea. So, they aren’t that jet-lagged.
– They have been touring around Asia. They’ve been to Singapore, Philippines, China, Japan, and Korea.
– Deloris is a disco diva with a big personality.
– Mother Superior has a strict personality.
– Sister Mary Roberts has quiet but strong personality.


Q & A::
Q: What is the ‘Sister Act’ song about?
A: The song sister act is about how Deloris discovers that she doesn’t need all the glitz and glamour as long as she has good friends and love.

Q: How are you and your characters different or similar?
A: Sohyang are her character are a lot alike. They are both quiet and very shy, but also have a hidden strength and bravery.
– Denae is not the type of girl who wants to be in the spotlight. She likes to let others shine. Which is the opposite of Deloris who always wants to be seen and heard.

Live Performance::
The Life I Never Had

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