Khundi Panda (쿤디판다), Viann (비앙), and Sumin (수민)


Khundi Panda, Viann, and Sumin were in the Kpoppin’ studio for Be My Super Star with DJ Isak. Sumin (수민) debuted in 2015 under Luv Jones Records. Khundi Panda (쿤디판다) debuted in 2017. Viann (비앙) debuted in 2014.

– Khundi Panda said he can’t dance and he doesn’t enjoy vibe in clubs unless he is really drunk.
– Sumin says Khundi Panda and Viann know her better than she knows herself.
– Khundi panda lived in China for 8 years and studied in the international division of his school and learned English, and Chinese.
– Viann did a remix of Sumin’s song Mirrorball because as soon as he heard it he wanted to remix it. He contacted Sumin and she gave the go ahead.
– Khundi Panda isn’t the type to approach a potential love interest first.
– Sumin loves the Harry Potter series.
– Viann would like to learn French. Sumin wants to learn Japanese and English.
– Khundi Panda can’t handle it when things go wrong because of his actions.
– When they meet up Sumin tends the be the more emotional one according to Viann.
– Sumin said that Khundi Panda usually goes for all black fashion.
– Khundi Panda moved to South Korea when he started high school.


Q & A::
Q: How did all three of you meet?
A: Viann met Sumin at a club and found out that they had a lot of mutual friends. Since Khundi Panda works with Viann it was natural that they would all meet.

Q: What is Ms.808 about?
A: 808 is the name of a particular hangover remover medicine. Ms.808 is about a time when Khundi Panda saw a girl that was his type at a club. Instead of approaching her, he watched her dance and it was like a refresher for him taking away a hangover.

Q: If you weren’t in music what would you be doing?
A: Sumin – Something to do with music. Life would be hard without music.
Viann – putting all his energy into running his cafe.
Khundi Panda – probably artistic like drawing nice he does some graphic designing.

Live Performance::
Mirrorball & Ms.808

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