Iris (아이리스)


Iris was in the SoundK studio for You Who Came from the Stars with DJ Leah. Iris (아이리스) debuted in 2017 under

– She is 15, and from Canada and fluent in Korean and English.
– She is homeschooled.
– Iris was on audition survival show K-pop Star.
– Iris bought herself a red velvet cake to celebrate her debut.
– Her mother sings opera style.
– The singer/songwriter route is more her style than dancing. Although she did do some dancing when she was younger because she wanted to be in a girl group.
– Iris liked figure skating, golfing when she was younger, but she hated P.E because she hates moving her body.
– Her audition song on Kpop Star was ‘Suitcase’ by
– She loves food especially chicken feet.
– Iris lives with her mom and her dog Ted who is a Pomeranian.
– She considers herself a girly girl, and love dresses.
– Iris loves lipsticks and has a collection of over 100.
– Her older sister’s name is Jasmine.


Q & A::
Q: Who is you role model?
A: Her ultimate role model is Taylor Swift, and her Korean role model is girl group Red Velvet.

Q: What are some big things that happened this year?
A: The biggest thing is that she debuted. She admits to starving herself to lose weight and regrets using that method to lose 8 kilos this year.

Live Performance::
The Show (Lenka cover) & 말해도 될까? (Me Too)

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