Rhythm Power (리듬파워)


Rhythm Power was in the SuperKpop studio fo Music Stage with DJ Sam. Rhythm Power (리듬파워) is an underground Hiphop group that debuted in 2010 under Amoeba Culture.

Geegooin (지구인) – Rapper
Boi B (보이비) – Rapper
Hangzoo (행주) – Maknae, Vocalist, Rapper


– They all met in high school.
– Hangzoo says when he has a girlfriend he only looks at her, but the members disagreed, saying that doesn’t sound like the Hangzoo they know.
– Geegooin said he doesn’t have a lot of dating experience but thinks he is a very manly type of boyfriend.
– They lasted this long as a group because they have so much in common.
– They fought a lot in their early 20s over little things. They don’t fight so much now that they are older.
– Their favorite foods:: Boi B – kimchi fried rice; Hangzoo – noodle soup (good with chicken).
– According to Geegooin, Hangzoo has the best sense of fashion.


Q & A::
Q: Why did you choose to use instead of your hometown?
A: They didn’t want to talk about their hometown or any of the usual places that are talked about in songs. They choose because it is a place where a lot of good-looking men and woman spend time.

Q: Do you guys ever fight?
A: Hangzoo remembers a time when they were drinking and Boi B was punched full on in the face by Geegooin over a beautiful lady. The lady wasn’t interested in either of them, so it ended up being a pointless fight. Boi B and Geegooin apologized and forgave each other.

Live Performance::
Dongseong-ro (feat.Crush) & Horangnabi (호랑나비)

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