The Boyz (더보이즈)

The Boyz were in the SuperKpop studio for K-Star and Live with DJ Sam. The Boyz (더보이즈) debuted in 2017 under Cre.ker Entertainment.

Sangyeon (상연) – Leader, Vocalist
Ju Haknyeon (주학년) – Dancer
Jacob (제이콥) – Vocalist
Younghoon (영훈) – Vocalist
Hyunjae (현재) – Vocalist
Juyeon (주연) – Dancer
Kevin (케빈) – Vocalist
New ( 뉴) – Vocalist
Q (큐) – Dancer
Hwall (활) – Dancer
Sunwoo (선우) – Rapper
Eric (에릭) – Maknae, Dancer


-They are also known as Cre.kerz.
– Jacob, Kevin, and Eric are fluent in English.p
– They had a lot of fun recording ‘I Got It’ because it has mysterious vibes and the lyrics give them confidence.
– Haknyeon wants to travel with the member after turning 18, especially around China.
– They don’t have a fashion terrorist, but Q likes to look good via fashion.
– ‘시간이 안 지나가 (Walking in Time)’ is a song given to them by Producer/Songwriter Primary (프라이머리).
– The variety king will be Haknyeon according to Haknyeon.
– Hyunjae and Juyeon had a fight at a fan sign about who was better looking. Juyeon thinks Hyunjae as pretty eyes. Hyunjae thinks Juyeon is perfectly proportioned.
– The highest note Q can hit sound like a female scream from a horror film. Not far from a whistle note.
– Sangyeon wants to try an R&B sound in the future.
– They live together in a dorm that has 5 room.
– Eric and Hyunjae are the reaction kings.
– Haknyeon admits that he is the slowest at learning choreography. Juyeon and Q are the fastest dance learners.


Q & A::
Q: Who is the best and worst cook?
A: Eric is the worst at cooking but he makes good Ramen. Kevin is the best cook, especially when cooking salmon.

Q: A listener specially asked Kevin if he liked Ariana Grande.
A: Kevin loves Ariana Grande especially her song ‘Baby I’ from her debut album. He falls asleep every night with her song Moonlight. He says because his name is Kevin Moon she must have written it for him. DJ Sam said Kevin’s eyes lit up as soon as he heard her name.

Live Performance::
시간이 안 지나가 (Walking in Time)

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