Kim Mokin (김목인)


Kim Mokin was in the SuperKpop studio for Music Stage with DJ Sam. Kim Mokin (김목인) debuted in 2002 and is currently under Electric Muse.

– For new years he went to his hometown to spend time with his family.
– He drew the cover art for his album, 콜라보 씨의 일일 (Collabo’s Everyday).
– When he is bored he really likes going to second bookstores.
– It hasn’t snowed much in South Korea but he I’d build a small snowman.
– He first got into music when his grandfather bought him a piano when he was 7.
– The song titles are part of a story and should be listened to in order.
– Debuted as a participant of Family Piano project. This project was an album with no lyrics and all music.
– He first starting sing when he was part of a co-ed group, where if you wrote a song you had to sing it.


Q & A::
Q: Can you describe your recent album 콜라보 씨의 일일 (Collabo’s Everyday)?
A: The main character of the album is Collabo. He is someone who does many different things. From the first song to the last song he goes through several daily life activities.

Live Performance::
댄디 (Dandy) & 계약서 (Contract)

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