Long D (롱디)


Long D was in the Kpoppin’ studio for Be My Super Rookie with DJ Isak. Long D (롱디) is a duo group that debuted in 2015 under Munhwain (문화인).

Han Minse (한민세) -Producer
Minshark (민샥) – Vocalist


– They call thir style Timone and Pumba.
– Before Long D, Minshark mostly did ballads.
– They are both fans of Produce 101 season 1.
– Long D used to share a studio, but now they have their own studios. They don’t meet up and just talk about the music randomly. If Minse records a melody and he sends it o Minshark; if Minshark likes it then they will get together and talk about it.
– They would like to feature with Twice.
– Minshark and Minse agreed that Minshark would fail miserably at a long distance relationship.
– They say the best way to listen to the album is backwards going from the 6th track to the 1st.
– Minse wrote a song for Produce 101 thinking of one of the contestants that they believe has an amazing voice.
– Minhark and Minse don’t meet up with each other outside of work. They say they meet up so much for work they have no reason to meet up outside of work.
– They don’t consider either of them more detailed than they other. They are both detailed, but in different ways.
– Minse will notice from one day to the next if something changed about a friends appearance.
– According to Minshark, the reason Minse is so skinny is that he will put his chopsticks or fork own after barely eating anything.


Q & A::
Q: Where does Long D come from?
A: In Korea when talking about long distance relationships they abbreviate it and say Long D.

Q: How did you guys meet?
A: Minse saw Minshark on The Voice Korea, and immediately looked him up on SNS and sent him a DM. It took Minshark two months to reply, because he was going through a tough time in his music career.

Q: What inspired you to go into music?
A: Minshark when he was younger he heard a song that made him cry. He thought he would be great to make music that could move someone’s motions.
– Minse – when he was job hunting he had nothing to put in the hobbies section. So, he decided to start making music as a hobby so he could put something in the hobbies section of his job application.

Q: What kind of boyfriend are you?
A: When Minshark falls in love he falls head over heels. He is very hands on in relationships, and has to go see his girlfriend whenever he misses her. He will neglect friends and focus all his time and energy on his girlfriend.

Live Performance::
Who Left it There

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