UpThatBrown (업댓브라운)

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UpThatBrown was in the SuperKpop studio for Music Stage with DJ Sam. UpThatBrown (업댓브라운) debuted in 2013 and in under Extraterrestrial .

Daeyoung (대영) – Leader, Saxophonist
Dami (다미) – Vocalist
Hyunjoon (현준) – Keyboardist
Jonghun (종헌) – Drummer
Kunwoong (건웅) – Trombonist
Wonwoo (원우) – Vocalist
Woojin (우진) – Guitarist
Younghwan (영환) – Bassist


– Dami is the only female in the band.
– They were part of survivor show Top Band, and would consider being on such a show a again a good opportunity.
– Daeyoung owns the place where they practice at, and is pretty much their boss.
– As a group, they know some English.
– ‘Why’ is about a couple that has broken up and are asking themselves “why?.”
– They have a song called ‘(I hate Mondays)’ which they hope listeners find relate-able.
– If he gets frustrated and has an fight with the leader Wonwoo will call the other members to calm down and work things out. He is the member that gets the most frustrated with Daeyoung.
– They are going to perform at the Pyeongchang Olympics in February.


Q & A::
Q: What are the pros and cons of being the only female in the group?
A: They are all nice guys, and gentlemanly towards her. One bad thing would be that when they are doing shows and need to change she has to use the bathroom, and when she goes back to the dressing room they are still changing and have no problem with her seeing them in various states of undress. One of the members said that was because they are family.

Live Performance::
Bad Boy


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