Yang Dail (양다일)


Yang Dail was in the Kpoppin’ studio for Be My Super Star with DJ Isak. Yang Dail (양다일) debuted in 2016 and is under Brand New Music.

– Dail is considered a power vocalist.
– On a regular day he would be asleep during Kpoppin. He doesn’t usually wake up until 6pm/7pm.
– He had a full length album ready a couple years but it was never released. He started a fresh full album process after he released his last single in 2017.
– Dail is into webtoon writing, and has thought of a nickname for that. He wouldn’t tell what that nickname is, because he is seriously considering becoming a published webtoon writer, and doesn’t want Webtoon Yang Dail to be weighed down by Singer Yang Dail.
– He snorted when he chuckled during the interview.
– If he was going to propose marriage to a special someone in the future he would probably sing to her.
– He has never sung a song to previous girlfriend, because he feels like the Singer Yang Dail would in the relationship and not the Everyday Plain Yang Dail.
– ‘잘 지내고 있는 거니 (Won’t You Say It)’ is not necessarily his favorite song, but he was very honest with himself when he wrote it, and listening to the song made him cry.
– Dail’s ideal type is similar to the main character in Vanilla Sky, spontaneous, but knows where they want to go in life.
– After a break-up he has never called an ex to see how they are doing, or if they were awake yet.
– Dail doesn’t like hearing the compliment that he sings well. However, he was surprised and happy after releasing Inside that people would come up to him and say that none of the songs on the album could be thrown out; that all the song were good.
– Lies annoy him, especially the little white lies. He will call them out on it if he catches someone doing it. For example when someone just comes out of the shower but will tell the person waiting for them that they are on their way. When really they’re running late.
– He likes to stay home and play online and console games in his free time.
– Dail has never met any of his previous girlfriends through friends or blind dates.


Q & A::
Q: What can you tell us about the album, and how did you come up with the album title, Inside?
A: Inside comes from all the feelings he had inside after a break-up. He wrote 80 songs for the album, but only 11 made the cut. Not all the songs on the album are break-up songs. The non-break-up songs are not radio edit acceptable.

Q: How did you come up with the English title for 미안해?
A: He was torn between 미안해 (sorry) and 거짓말 (lie). There are lots of songs in Korea titled 거짓말 (lie), and he choose 미안해 (sorry) because he wanted people to be able to lookup Sorry and see his song. He has strong feelings toward the word Lie and wanted the two words to together. So, he made the Korean title 미안해 and the English title Lie.

Q: Future plans or the year?
A: In March he has a concert schedule, and he is as jumping into his next album.

Live Performance::
미안해 (Lie)

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