Chungha (청하)


Chungha was in the SuperKpop studio for K-Star & Live with DJ Sam. Chungha (청하) debuted in 2017 and is under MNH Entertainment.

– Participated in survivor audition show Produce 101, and made it into the final project group IOI (아이오아이).
– Her birthday is Feb. 09, which is the same day the Pyeongchang Olympics start. She says he will celebrate the olympics instead of her birthday.
– She speaks very good English.
– Chungha likes spicy rice cakes, and so far she can eat everything but frogs. She says frogs aren’t a can’t eat thing but she hasn’t tried them
– She says she will be forever afraid of frogs, because one scared her when she used to near the mountains.
– The first thing Chungha does when she gets home is take off h makeup and put on her pajamas.
– In the future Chungha would like to try a modern rock song. She doesn’t want to be weighed down by a genre or afraid to try different genres.
– She is the type of person a go with the flow and take things as they come.
– Chungha wants to do a stage with Sunmi.
– She says the year just started so she doesn’t have a resolution for the year. However, she hopes to work on new music this year.


Q & A::
Q: Is there any variety shows you want to be on?
A: She should says would like to be on any variety show that wants her, she will go. She would like to go to the jungle.

Q: Future promotional plans?
A: Her first fan meeting is Feb. 03, 2018.

Live Performance::
Roller Coaster

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