Various (베리어스)


Various was in the Kpoppin studio for Be My Super Star with DJ Isak. Various (베리어스) is a girl group that debuted in 2016 under Cowl Entertainment.

Heeso (희소) – Leader
Donga (동아) -Vocalist
Doyoung (도영) – Main Vocalist
Taein (태인) – Lead Vocalist


– According to the members, Donga is the most passionate about everything.
– They gone from 5 members to 4 members since their debut.
– Heesoo says Donga has a smile that she practices. There was a time when they were performing and Donga’s nail got caught in her heel and it was sore and bleeding but she never stopped smiling and finished the performance.
– Taein wants Donga’s part in Shadow. She has been eyeing hat part ever since she was first shown the song.
– Doyoung loves to talk even with herself.
– According to Taein, Heesoo would be he one to survive if she were ever stranded by herself.
– Doyoung was voted the most diverse member that is prefect for variety shows.
– Heesoo says if she were a guy she’d want to date Doyoung, because she is so cute.
– They would like to go on a world tour starting with Korea then moving of the rest of Asia then the rest of the world.
– Their pick me up items are: Heesoo – beer; Doyoung – chicken; Donga – pizza; Taein – anything with a soy sauce base


Q & A::
Q: What kind of song is Shadow?
A: It’s a girly but sexy track thy believe shows each of their charms.

Live Performance::

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