Target (타겟)


Target was in the SoundK studio for You Who Came from the Stars with DJ Leah. Target (타겟) is a boy group that made their Korean debut in 2017 under JSL Company.

Members:: T
Seulchan (슬찬) – Leader, Vocalist
G.I (지아이) – Rapper
Roy (로이) – Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper
Zeth (제스) – Vocalist, Rapper
Hyun (현) – Vocalist
Baun (바운) – Vocalist, Dancer
Woojin (우진) – Maknae, Dancer, Rapper


– Hyun is the fish of the group, because he looks like Nemo.
– G.I was a trainee for 8 years.
– They all cried when they found out they were going to debut.
– Woojin is the cat of the group, because he was born I. The year of the cat.
– They debuted in Japan before debuting in Korea.
– When one member goes on a diet they all go on a diet for moral support.
– They were together for 5 years before debuting.
– Zeth’s pants ripped while doing a special pose for the fans during a performance.
– They really like BTS, BigBang, and iKon.
– Roy likes to make handmade items.
– They came up with the choreography for a song they performed in Japan by themselves.
– Baun’s hidden talent is winking really fast and making his lips look like a hamburger.
– Woojin was a swimming athlete before debuting.
– They stay in a dorm together and the rooms are split up into 3 (Seulchan, Baun, Hyun) and 4 (Roy, Zeth, Woojin, G.I).
– Seolchan makes a lot of noise when he sleeps, and Baun talks a lot in his sleep. Hyun recently bought earplugs to block out the noise they make.
– Baun once had an episode where he was having a fan sign in his sleep. Baun says he misses his fans when they are not together.
– G.I takes really long showers. That is the only complaint his roommates have.
– Hyun can sleep anywhere and everywhere.
– According to the members, G.I is the most sensitive.
– G.I writes his own lyrics for their songs.
– Woojin sent a very cute love letter to Brian Puspus over the radio.
– G.I has a sister who is 1 year older than him.


Q & A::
Q: What is Target’s overall goal?
A: Their goal is to go outside of Korea (be international).

Q: What are you plans for your debut promotions?
A: They were invited to perform at the Sapporo Snow Festival, so they will be going back to Japan on 2/10.

Live Performance::

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