BeautyHandsome (뷰티핸섬)


BeautyHandsome was in the SuperKpop studio for Music Stage with DJ Sam. BeautyHandsome (뷰티핸섬) is a co-ed indie group that debuted in 2014 and is currently under Sugar Records.

Eddie Jun (에디전) – Leader, Vocalist, Guitar
Jinseok (곽진석) – Drummer
James King (제임스킹) – Keyboardist
Lee Jae (이재) – Bassist


– Eddie Jun is fluent in English. He is from Canada.
– The song they recently released, ‘Where are you?,’ is about looking for that one special persons.
– Jinseok is the visual of the group.
– Eddie believes that everyone has that one special person that is destined for them.
– Lee Jae helped pick the guys clothing concepts for their promotions.
– The guy members treat Lee Jae like a baby sister.
– Eddie Jun says if it were for the Beatles he probably wouldn’t be writing songs now.
– If Jinseok wasn’t doing music he likes to think that he would be living the life a a well off high up company executive.
– Lee Jae likes making clothes.
– Jinseok doesn’t believe in love at first sight. Eddie Jun says “he himself has not experienced love at first sight, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.”
– Eddie Jun studied Computer Engineering in college before quitting.


Q & A::
Q: How did you come up with the team name?
A: Original they were going by Eddie Jun Band (long version: Eddie Jun and the BeautyHandsome Band), around the time they were releasing an EP Eddie Kim debuted and so they decided to change the name so that people didn’t get confused between the two Eddies. They then started going by just BeautyHandsome.

Q: What are the pros and cons of being the only female in the group?
A: Pro: when she needs things moves she can call them and use their strength.
Cons: Taking care of the guys takes up more time on top of taking care of herself. She’s not as comfortable being friendly with other girls.

Live Performance::
I Became a fool

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