Vromance (브로맨스)


Vromance was in the SuperKpop studio for Music Stage with DJ Sam. Vromance (브로맨스) is a boy band that debuted in 2016 under RBW Entertainment.

Janghyun (장현) – Vocalist
Hyunkyu (현규) – Vocalist
Chandong (찬동) – Vocalist
Hyunseok (현석) – Maknae, Vocalist


– They recently challenged themselves by participating in their first audition survival show, Mix9.
– Hyunseok said there is no difference in their dance skills. Dancing is nobodies thing.
– They prefer calling to texting.
Their fan club name if Vroccoli.
– Chandong nags the most, and is known as the mom of the group.
– Their team name used to be romanized Bromance.
– When Janghyun is stressed, he spends time with his dog, and goes traveling to places with water (streams, lakes, ponds, the sea).
– The members think Hyunseok might have the most aegyo, but he disagrees.
– Hyunkyu is not lazy but he likes to just lay down stretch out and relax.
– They describe the difference between 별 (Star) and 꽃 (Flower) as Flower being more lyrical, and Star being more beautiful.
– When asked to chose between Hiphop and Ballads they all choose Hiphop.
– Janghyun winks very naturally, according to a fan who wrote in.
– Star and Flower are part of a trilogy. The last song in the trilogy has not been decided yet.
– Hyunseok would rather go to an amusement park rather than visit the sea.


Q & A::
Q: What can you tell us about your new song, Star?
A: It’s a beautiful sad song about missing someone. They put little bit of emphasis on their sexy charisma when singing his song live.

Q: Any goals for 2018?
A: One of their goals for 2018 is to get closer to their fans and supporter.

Live Performance::
별 (Star)


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