EB (최은빈) & Hyokyou (손효규)


EB and Hyokyou were in the SoundK studio You, Who Came from the Stars with DJ Ashley. EB (최은빈) debuted in 2018 and is currently not signed to an agency. Hyokyou (손효규) was also in the studio he debuted in under Choon Entertainment.

– EB was on produce 101.
– EB is a bit shy and awkward when meeting new people.
– Hyokyou has been busking for 10 years, usually in Seoul.
– Hyokyou likes places with beautiful landscapes and places where he can hear water.
– EB was class president when she graduated.
– Hyokyou is from Busan.
– EB she was a special place in her heart for Haein and a few other who were always there for her through her hard times.
– EB is a Vocalist and Rapper.
– Hyokyou knew from a young age studying was not his thing. He went into music because it was the only thing he believed he was good at.
– Hyokyou likes listening to rap, and says he would like to rap but his fans know he is very bad at it.
– EB likes rapping more than singing.
– 솜 (Some) is a song Hyokyou listens to in order to refresh his soul.
– EB is blood type A.
– Hyokyou said he is very good at cooking Korean food.
– If EB watches a movie alone she does it at home. She feels weird going to the movie theatre alone, because that Is something done with other people.


Q & A::
Q: Who is your role model?
A: Hyokyou – his role model was Brian McKnight, he used to try copying his singing style.

Live Performance::
니가 모르게 (EB)

숨 (Hyokyou)

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