N.tic (엔티크)


N.tic was in the Kpoppin studio for Be My Super Rookie with DJ Isak. N.tic (엔티크) debuted in 2018 under Yechan Media.

Jion (지온) – Leader, Vocalist
Seunghoo (승후) – Vocalist
Sangwook (상욱) – Vocalist
Jinseo (진서) – Maknae, Rapper


– Jinseo’s parents send him red ginseng and he has been using that to stay healthy.
– In order for Sangwook to get rid of pre-stage nerves he has to eat something.
– Even if Jion is only going to the corner store he puts on blemish cream and makes sure his hair is perfect before going out.
– Jinseo is the tallest member (180 cm).
– They did their Japanese promotions first, before debuting in Korea.
– Jinseo talks in his sleep. Last night he was working in his sleep.
– Seunghoo realized they were finally debuting when he saw the little red light on the cameras hen they were performing.
– They all have their licenses.
– Seunghoo loves to sleep in his free time.
– Jinseo takes the best selfies, according to the members. He thinks his best angle is either straight forward or slightly to the right.
– Jion enjoys the nervous feeling he get before performing. He feels like something is wrong if he doesn’t feel nervous.
– N.tic stands for New Trend Icon.
– According to Sangwook, Seunghoo is like a squirrel. Seunghoo will collect his things in an area and won’t go not others spaces.
– The members voted Jinseo as the most handsome on the screen when they are monitoring themselves.
– Jion takes extra care with his skin.
– Sangwook likes to eat and snacks on things often. When he gets up at night before back to bed he with munch on something.
– Jinseo cooks the must, but Sangwook makes better quality food.
– Jion has a bad throat and drinks a lot of water. The down side is that he has to good to the bathroom often.
– Sangwook would like to go on Infinite Challenge.


Q & A::
Q: What kind of song is Once Again?
A: It’s an upbeat song about a man who has fallen in love and is telling a woman how much he longs for her.

Live Performance::
Once Again

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