I.C.E (아이스 )


I.C.E was in the SoundK studio for You, Who Came from the Stars with DJ Ashley. I.C.E (아이스) debuted in 2015 under HS Entertainment.

Kimmi (킴미) – Leader, Rapper
Dahye (다혜) – Vocalist
Minju (민주) – Vocalist
Yoojin (유진) – Vocalist


– They recently spent some time in Vietnam. They will be releasing a Vietnamese album this year.
– Kimmi has been learning some Vietnamese.
– According to the members, Kimmi is the most shameless, but when she makes a mistake she is very quick to admit it.
– Minju thinks Kimmi’s sleeping position.
– Yoojin doesn’t like exercising but does it because she has to. The other members enjoy exercising.
– The members say Dahye is the most obsessed with eating. But she said that it was Kimmi because Kimmi packs up the left overs when they eat out and takes them back to the dorm.
– Kimmi’s parent were against her becoming an idol, because they wanted her to continue taekwondo and open her own dojo.
– Ten years ago Dahye was into dancing and only dancing.
– Yoojin study English from 4th grade through her second year of college.
– Minju was frequently sick when she was younger, but when she was singing and dancing she didn’t feel sick. That’s when she decided that music was her calling.
– They want to try several different concepts.
– Kimmi recently went through a image transform. The members say her behavior is tomboyish , but her facial expression and hand gestures are very girly. They have to remind her to stay in concept.
– Minju is the best at drinking according to the members. She says that’s because they other members don’t really like drinking.
– Yoojin lived in the Phillipines for almost 10 years
– Kimmi became a trainee 10 years ago. She was originally into taekwondo but injured her leg, so she went into music.
– Kimmi is the most clumsy and loses her cellphone a lot.


Q & A::
Q: What kind of song is 뻔뻔해 (Shameless)?
A: Shameless, is a song that very strong and fun, with a charismatic performance.

Live Performance::
뻔뻔해 (Shameless )

Cover of Winner 끼부리지마 (Don’t flirt)

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