Minseo (민서)


Minseo was in the SuperKpop studio for K-star & Live with DJ Sam. Minseo (민서) debuted in 2016 and is currently under Mystic Entertainment (APOP Entertainment).

– Minseo has never learned musical music, but she has seen some musicals.
– She had bread for lunch. DJ Sam called her a bread person.
– She considers some of the older performers as role models.
– If she did a collaboration with someone she would like it to be with Jung Suwon, because she likes his voice.
– Minseo has done covers of BTS’ DNA, and Red Velvet.
– Variety shows where she can travel places are interesting to her, and she would like to be on one.
– In her free time Minseo likes to read, especially books about life, love, and advice.
– She used to be a trainee for a girl group, but quit before debut.
– Minseo says shes not very good at caring for her voice, but To take care of her voice she drinks a lot of water, wear face mask, and doesn’t talk a lot.


Q & A::
Q: What was your reason or quitting the music scene and starting again?
A: She had a lot of thoughts in her head. Minseo wanted to be a ballad singer, she walked away from training to be in a girl group in order to work on music that fit the direction she wanted to go in.

Live Performance::
멋진 꿈 (Grand dream)

널 사랑한 너 (You love you)

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