JooYoung (주영)


JooYoung was in the Kpoppin’ studio for Be My Super Star with DJ Isak. JooYoung (주영) debuted in 2010 and is currently under Starship X (스타쉽엑스).

– He likes when his concepts call for blonde hairstyles.
– For this album he had 50 tracks he was working on, lots of them don’t have lyrics yet. He picked tracks that have similar vibes for his Fountain mini album.
– If he thinks one of his songs would fit someone else and they ask for it he’ll give it to them. If he doesn’t get that feeling he’ll keep the track for himself.
– After serving his mandatory military service he spent a month in England to rest and spend time with friends that live in London. He also filmed his music video there.
– To Jooyoung, his song Dive is hard to explain but he says it is very him.
– Jooyoung has worked with a lot of artist in the past, but it never crossed his mind to call him to feature on Fountain.
– He had a birthday not to long ago, but he isn’t feeling the effects of his age.
– In the last four years he has met his ideal type.
– Jooyoung takes pretty good photos but doesn’t have a lot photos of himself at home.
– When people say he is good looking he tends to agree with them.
– He liked the meaning behind fountain and liked the vibes the word gives him. That is the reason he choose fountain as the album title.


Q & A::
Q: Do songs come together quickly for you? Or do you put something together and come back to it later?
A: When it comes to the music making process he tends to bounce back and forth between have songs come together really fast from start to finish, and putting a melody together saving it and going back to it later.

Q: When artist feature on you tracks are they made specifically for that artist?
A: For Jisoo and pH-1 the tracks were pre-made. The song Sol featured in was made with her in mind.

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