Sinzo (신조) and Hiss

Sinzo and Hiss were in the SoundK studio for You, Who Came from the Stars with DJ Ashley. Sinzo (신조) is a rapper/producer and Hiss (히스) is a beatboxer. They are both under Knockdown Entertainment (넉다운).

<strong>Tidbits:: </strong>
– Sinzo’s real name is Junhyun (준현), and Hiss’ real name is Hyunseo (현서).
– Hiss is also a DJ and songwriter.
– Sinzo is the CEO of Knockdown Entertainment.
– Dead Ripper and Huckle were also in the studio.
– Sinzo like watching videos about destroying things.
– Huckle likes spending time with friends and listening to music.
– Dead Ripper like to read, collect dark cult objects.
– They started off watching videos and coming friends.
– Sinzo is really into Twice lately.
– Hiss admits that he is not into girl groups.
– They are very thankful that Sinzo was kind enough to provide them with food and housing when needed.
– Sinzo thinks Hiss, Dead Ripper, and Huckle are genius that know how to have fun too.
– When in the car traveling they always beatbox.
– They are preparing for a Korean beatbox competition
– Dead Ripper and Sinzo. are in a unit group called Desperado.
– Sinzo was able to get along with the others easily because he could see their passion for beatbox.
– Huckle and Hiss are in a group called Two Real.
– Dead Ripper had been working on a mixtape for the past year and will be realizing it some time in April and May.
– Sinzo rather than just rapping he wants to gather talented people together and make music.

<strong>Q & A:: </strong>
Q: How did you come up with your stage names?
A: Hiss – the initials of his real name is HS but he thought that was kind of boring. A friend said “why don’t you use Hiss?,” he liked and decided to use it.

Dead Ripper – his ex girlfriend named him Ripper. they broke up so he considered the old hm to be dead and gone. Then he came up with the name Dead Ripper.

Huckle – his mom kept nagging him to read and gave him m a book called Huckleberry Fin.

<strong>Live Performance:: </strong>
Team Desperado and Huckle beatbox

Hiss beatbox

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