Martin Smith (마틴 스미스)


Martin Smith was in the SuperKpop studio for Music Stage with DJ Sam. Martin Smith (마틴 스미스) is a duo group that debuted in 2016 under V-Entertainment.

Junghyuk (정혁) – Vocalist
Taewon (전태원) – Guitarist, Vocalist


– Taewon started getting into music by playing the guitar and listening to music.
– They released their first EP album, Slate, two years after their debut. The album is about love and breaking up.
– Jung Sungha sent them a friend request on SNS, after seeing them on TV. Shortly after he was featured on their song, 미쳤나봐 (Crazy).
– Taewon would love to see the Busking culture of the Republic of Ireland in person for himself.
– Junghyuk is good at slow beatboxing. Taewon is good at rapping.
– They wrote 20 songs for Slate, but only 6 made it onto the album.
– Taewon played the boyfriend of a female in the Crazy video. Junghyuk played the part of an alien.
– Junghyuk recommends Luke James’ I Want You, when driving in the car. Taewon listens to a lot of pop songs, and recommends DNS’ Truthfully.
– On this album Taewon really likes Need Love because of the message to the fans, and because his friend featured on it.
– 보내기 (I Need Your Love) is the last track on the album and is about a break-up.
– Taewon likes to listen to gospel, j-pop, bossanova, jazz and tries to bring those sounds and styles into Martin Smith’s music.
– Junghyuk is really into rock, electronic, and band music, such as My Chemical Romance, Pilate 21, and Maroon 5.


Q & A::
Q: How did you come up with the team name, Martin Smith?
A: It two things stuck together. Martin is typically known as a very famous type of acoustic guitar, and Smith comes from a game where Smith is a dwarf captain at the top. They want to be the best singer songwriters.

Q: Out of all the possible names (Steven Spielberg, Slate, Sir Bong Joonho) for the album why’d you pick Slate?
A: If you listen to each song its like listening to a scene of a movie. The concept for the album is a movie you listen to. Slate represents that scene cutter / take counter. (A/N: see image)ms1

Q: What can you tell us about the Crazy MV?
A: At first Junghyuk thought his role of an alien was a funny concept, but then the alien costume had glasses and he thought it was a cool alien.
– Taewon thought he was going to be the friend of the alien, only to be told he was going to be the boyfriend. He had to keep telling himself “I’m a boyfriend, I’m a boyfriend, I’m a boyfriend.”

Live Performance::
미쳤나봐 (Crazy ft. Jung Sungha)

보내기 (I Need Your Love ft. )

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