Obroject (오브로젝트)


Obroject was in the SuperKpop studio for Music Stage with DJ Sam. Obroject (오브로젝트) is a duo group that debuted in 2014 under RBW and TS Entertainment.

Taesuk (오태석) – Vocalist
Yoon Dalk (윤닭) – Maknae, Vocalist


– They are real life brothers (two years apart), and write their own music.
– 애매해 (Not Sure) is about a relationship between a guy and girl during the “we’re something” stage.
– They enjoy performing You’re So Beautiful together the most lately, since they are practicing for future concerts.
– Yoon Dalk was part of a Hiphop crew when he was on audition survival show Kpop Star.
– They went to Brazil for a fan meeting a few years ago.
– Before going to bed Yoon Dalk showers, drinks water, and checks his phone. Taesuk does an audio only instagram live with fans before bed.
– Taesuk often borrows Yoon Dalk’s pants (not underwear) because they are stylish and comfortable. He used to ask first, but now he just borrows them whenever.
– Yoon Dalk learned classical piano when he was younger, and after listening G Dragon was inspired to think of music as a career. Taesuk was inspired by seeing SHINee’s debut performance.
– If they’re went overseas to do busking Yoon Dalk would like to go to Singapore. Taesuk would like to go back to Brazil.
– They became popular in Hongdae, because of their busking.


Q & A::
Q: What is the meaning behind the name Yoon Dalk?
A: Yoon comes from his real name 윤석 (Yoonsuk), And he was born in the year of the chicken. That is where Dalk (닭)comes from. Taesuk thought of doing the same thing, but he was born in the year of the sheep (양) and there is already a Taeyang in the industry.

Q: How did you end up becoming a team?
A: They went together to an audition that was looking to put together n idol group. After the audition the CEO of the company asked them about being a team of two since they are brothers.

Q: Are there time when you switch hyung/dongsaeng roles?
A: There are time when Yoon Dalk is more of a hyung and Taesuk is more of a dongsaeng. One such moment when when trying to figure out how to get to someplace or deciding which bus to take. These things can be searched for online, but Taesuk tends to ask Yoon Dalk about these things.

Live Performance::
너 예뻐서 발매함 (You’re so beautiful)

애매해 (Not sure)

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