George (죠지)


George was is the Kpoppin studio for Be My Super Star with DJ Isak. George (죠지) debuted in 2016 under Kraft and Jun (크래프트앤준)

– His real name is Lee Dongmin (이동민).
– Lately he has been getting in touch with his softer side, by doing more hands on hobbies.
– He started his own fan club. He was waiting for someone to make one for him, but no one was doing it, so he decided to make one for himself.
– He forgets his own lyrics frequently.
– If he could ask his future self (from 10 years in the future) one question it would be: Are you happy?
– He knows English, but he is more comfortable speaking Korean.
– George wanted to show that he has a fun side and an emotionally deep side.
– If he became a member of an idol group he would like it to be BTS (발탄소년단). He would be honored to do a collaboration with them.
– Compared to his early days he is more cautious with how he handles various situations. He used to be more of a go with the flow type of person.
– If his friends and significant other called him at 4 am and asked him to come out he would go with the significant other. He feels cringey when friends call him to hang out.
– He keeps a blog, where he writes in it like a diary. For example if eat goes out to eat and really liked the meal he’ll write about the experience.
– George has never officially learned how to swim.
– He is more of an island boy than a mainland vacationer.


Q & A::
Q: What is the hardest lesson you’ve had to learn?
A: The hardest lesson he has had to learn was on freedom. It was a lesson he learned while adapting to his mandatory military service.

Q: If you were reborn as an animal which one would you be?
A: If he were reborn as an animal, he would like it to be as a rabbit. He loves rabbits and has thought they are cool ever since he watched 8 mile and saw that Eminem’s nickname in the movie was Rabbit (Korean: 도끼).

Live Performance::
Swimming pool

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