LalaSweet (랄라스윗)


LalaSweet was in the SoundK studio for You, Who Came from the Stars with DJ Ashley. LalaSweet (랄라스윗) is a duo group that debuted in 2010 and they are currently under Happy Robot Records.

Park Byul (박별) – Keyboardist
Kim HyunA (김현아) – Vocalist, Guitarist


– Hyuna majored in History, and Park Byul majored in Psychology.
– They have a podcast on Bugs.
– Park Byul loves to talk.
– They met some of their fans at outdoor pubs in Seoul, had drinks with them, and talked about life.
– Park Byul likes sailor moon.
– Hyuna feels better when she makes things with her hands. She has been enjoying baking, she gives somethings to Park Byul. Byul says sometimes is good and sometimes not so good.
– They don’t where high heels except to perform. Hyuna is already on the tall side, and feels like a giant when she wears heels. Park Byul wants to wear stileto heels, but her feet are small and heels slide of her feet when she walks.
– Park Byul is blood type B, and goes with the flow and lives life her way.
– Park Byul dropped out of high school, after several rounds of convincing her parents.
– Hyuna puts a fish in her signature because people say she looks like a fish. someone took a picture of her side profile and she came out looking like Nemo.
– For their most recent single, 같은 별자리 (Destiny), they wanted to change their style. They usually do songs about serious topics, and they wanted to try something light-hearted.
– Back in the day when they first started out they wanted to be s band like Linken Park. They figured they couldn’t do that very well with just the two of them. They then decided to do something more fitting for them as a duo.
– They had an 반말 (informal language) concert where they talked informally with everyone.
– Park Byul puts a star in her signature because her name is Star (in English).


Q & A::
Q: How did you decide on the name LalaSweet?
A: They traveled to India together and the name of a candy store they went to was LalaSweet. The other potential names were the names of restaurants.

Q: What kind of song is 같은 별자리 (Destiny)?
A: They wanted to share the feelings that couples have “no matter what happens we’ll be together, because we are destiny”

Live Performance::
같은 별자리 (Kismet(Destiny))

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