Lee Kang (이강)


Lee Kang was in the Kpoppin’ studio for Be My Super Rookie with DJ Isak. Lee Kang debuted in under Brand New Music.

– He is part of unit group 샴페인&캔들 ()
– If Lee Kang wasn’t in music he’d be doing something to do with cooking and food.
– He has changed his name, and since he has done so he has looked himself up to see how his new name is doing.
– When it comes to his looks he thinks he ranks in the top 3 in his company. Haneul and Chanho (from Troy) are the others he thinks are in the top 3 when idol groups aren’t included in the ranks.
– If he has a look in his head of how he wants his hair it to look he fixates over it.
– As far as breakup are concerned even if he regrets the breakup he will never get back together with an ex. When it’s over it’s over.
– One thing that he regrets doing is having dreads.
– He goes into proud big brother mode when it comes to MxM.
– When he was serving his mandatory military service he was part of the cooking crew.
– He was supposed to do the whole video but he felt burdened and asked if he could have someone else in it with him. Dojeon was recommended to him.
– Lee Kang doesn’t like any of his nicknames, but blood sausage was a nickname in his youth because he was always very tan.


Q & A::
Q: What kind of song is 괜히 (in vain)?
A: it is a breakup song, about how you might want to reach out to your ex but know you can’t or you can’t bring yourself to contact them.

Live Performance::
괜히 (In vain)

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