Norwegian Wood (노르웨이안우드)


Norwegian Wood was in the SuperKpop studio for Music Stage with DJ Sam. Norwegian Wood (노르웨이 숲) is an co-ed indie/folk duo that debuted in 2014 and I’m unaware of who they are signed under.

Sup (숲) – Producer, Vocalist, Pianist, Guitarist, Songwriter
Soyeon (소연) – Vocalist


– One of the positive things about being in a co-ed group is that they try to understand each other as male and female better.
– They released 낮잠 (Nap) today, it’s a song that they intended for people to feel relaxed enough to nap to.
– Sup dream of doing music started after watching a famous pianist’s performance.
– It was very awkward when they first met, because of the age gap. They broke the ice by talking about music.
– Soeun says that a good vocal practice is by putting strength in voice via your stomach, and get rid of nerves.
– They would like to visit Cuba and Canada. Soeun wants to see the Arora lights. Sup has been seeing pictures from an artist they have worked with, who is currently in Cuba for a month. The pictures are very pretty and would like to see it for himself.
– Sup started learning piano, guitar, and computer music programs when he was 29.


Q & A::
Q: How did Norwegian Wood become your team name?
A: It is based off of a book called Norwegian Wood (노르웨이 숲). They would like to become a natural fixture in the music scene.

Q: How did Soeun become a fixed member of Norwegian Wood?
A: After doing promotions and went to the internet looking for a Vocalist. He found her Instagram, and saw that she played guitar while singing.

Live Performance::
낮잠 (Nap)

품에 (Hug me)

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